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Aquarium Plant Earth Bed

What is AquaBed?

AquaBed is a self-contained plant earth bed about 5" x 6" in size that is designed to be hidden under aquarium substrate (gravel, sand, etc). The special blend of nutrient-rich aquarium soil is just what aquarium plants need to thrive and spread. When the plants send out fine hair-like roots into AquaBed, they thicken and grow. AquaBed provides enough nutrients to sustain 3 to 4 plants for several years.

Why Choose AquaBed?

AquaBed is perfect for both beginner and experienced aquascapers.

AquaBed is a very simple yet effective way for an aquarium enthusiast of any age to achieve a healthy planted aquarium with no mess or murky water. AquaBed won't harm fish or negatively affect water quality and can be added to a new aquarium setup or an existing one with ease.

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